OcuCrop is a Precision Agriculture company based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. We specialise in monitoring crop health using space-borne technology.

How it's done

Our servers are constantly on, waiting for the respective satellite to pass over your farm. Once it passes over, we collect the satellite data and begin the processing. Our entire system is automated, therefore image processing is done in minimal time and the end product (crop map) is delivered to you in a simple PDF format via email or DropBox (which ever you prefer).

Consistent Satellite Imagery

Simple Product Interpetation

At the Comfort of Your Computer

No Technical Skills Required


Although capable of performing any geographic related analysis, our primary product is easy to use, consistent crop maps. It is available at very affordable prices and can be done for anywhere in the world.

Highly Affordable

Contact us to get a personal Quote. Prices range from 2(ZAR)-100(ZAR) per hectare for 3 months of support.

Up-to-date satellite data can tell you how much water and fertilizer your crops need to give you the best yields. Track your fields growth over time using Visible and Infrared Radiation and see where attention in needed. Using this scientifically proven technology, we can use information from previous years to predict your future crop yields. Our product is easy to use, available in the language of your choosing , and we have technical experts on call to help you interpret your crop maps*. These methods (the use of NDVI, NDMI and other satellite image transforms) have been shown to improve agricultural management in modern scientific studies. And now we are bringing this cutting edge technology directly to your farmstead.

*Consultation cost is 500(ZAR), which includes our specialist driving out to your farm and helping deal with all user related issues.

Simple Delivery

The product is devlivered to you in the form of a PDF. This can be done using E-mail or DropBox. Using the product requires minimal IT expertise.

What You Get

Simple, timely, accurate crop maps. All maps are in PDF format with a colour coded legend. Clients can choose delivery in English or Afrikaans. If you have any issues understanding the maps, one of our specialists will come out and help you with interpretation.

Crop Maps


Feel free to ask any questions about our services, products, and purchasing of.


  Address: Stellenbosch, South Africa
 Phone: 082-296-4469
 E-Mail: ocucrop@gmail.com
 Web: ocucrop.co.za

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